Project status



Investment area situated in the eastern part of the city, on the southern side of the rails, between Alej J. Piłsudskiego and Towarowa streets. The city centre and more residential buildings are located on the northern side of the rails. Railway station occurs on the western side of the rails and can be approached by flyover or footbridge located near the eastern border of the property. It is of a local importance, with four carriers operating there: Przewozy Regionalne, PKP Intercity, Twoje Linie Kolejowe and Masovian Railwyas. Project consists of construction of retail park.


  • eastern part of the city

  • PKPrailway station nearby

  • surrounded by car services, industrial areas, two-storied residential buildings withcommercial points on the ground floors andlibrary

Investment area:1,56 ha

Gross leasable area: 6,200 m2

Estimated project value: EUR 9.3 m