Xcity about to partner with Warsaw at MIPIM

Xcity Investment is planning to have its international debut on March 10-13 at MIPIM International Real Estate Trade Show in Cannes.

In Cannes, Xcity Investment will present five projects based in the Polish capital. Two of them are already underway (Warszawa Zachodnia and Warszawa Gdańska), one is at the investor selection stage (Warszawa Główna) and two more will start in the future (Centralna Park and Warszawa Zachodnia III).

The highly interesting architectural concept prepared by SUD Architekt Polska for Centralna Park is likely to evoke the biggest interest. The project will emerge at one of the capital’s most appealing investment sites, located at the junction of Aleje Jerozolimskie and Aleja Jana Pawła II, right next to the Central Railway Station. Except for office buildings, the complex will offer public areas linked with Poland’s largest train station. Image title

Presence at MIPIM International Real Estate Trade Show is a natural step for the newly-established company. Most of the investors interested in cooperation with Xcity Investment are foreign entities. Building brand awareness among top developers makes it possible to conduct profitable projects and introduce modern solutions when it comes to the shaping of public space at sites held by Xcity Investment, most of which are located in city centers.