Next stage of Warszawa Główna project

A potential investment partner has been selected for further negotiations related to Warszawa Główna project. The concept developed by Immofinanz Group involves crating a modern urban space with office, retail and residential functions.

The investment will cover a 10-hectare site in the city center. Recreation and sports facilities are going to emerge alongside office, residential and retail buildings. Thanks to the project, this neglected part of the city will be renewed, getting a brand new image. There are also plans to bring passenger traffic back to the station which is now out of operation.

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Based on Immofinanz Group’s concept, the new buildings will blend well with the existing ones. The shopping mall will successfully integrate traditional streets with contemporary shopping passages. The unique railway building will be renovated and connected with the station and a multi-level parking lot for passenger cars, situated over the existing railway tracks. The second car park will be located underground and accessible from Kolejowa Street.

Warszawa Główna project also involves the development of a modern office complex. Two high towers are bound to become the trademark of Plac Zawiszy.

Interesting solutions are about to show up at the roofs of the new buildings – the idea is to locate green recreation areas there.

The western part of the plot will host residential apartments blending efficiently with the newly-built and future housing estates in this part of the city.

The project’s estimated value is roughly EUR 700m. The investment will most likely start in 2017 or 2018.