Investors willing to implement projects together with Xcity Investment

Investors considering participation in two proceedings for the selection of investors for the implementation of development projects led by Xcity Investment have submitted the business components of their respective proposals. Eight investors are interested in the proceeding consisting of development project implementation in Szczęśliwicka 62, with 5 bidders pursuing the project in Al. Jerozolimskie 140.

“We are happy with the level of interest our projects attracted, confirming the value proposition of the Xcity Investment offer to the investors. This is particularly promising in the view of more proceedings scheduled to be initiated in 2017”, said Marek Chibowski, Xcity Investment CEO.

In both locations the final projects are to be defined to meet the expectations of PKP S.A., represented in the process by Xcity Investment, and include proposals of investors to be selected throughout the proceedings. “In our assessment of proposals by potential investors we are going to take into account their effect on the urban fabric, reaching beyond pure profitability aspects. We want the projects that are to emerge to meet the needs of modern urban dwellers”, adds Marek Chibowski.

Xcity Investment is scheduled to establish a short list of investors for further negotiations in Q1 2017. The investment contracts for both projects are to be signed in Q3 this year. That is when the final project definitions and schedules will be known.