GD&K Investment Sp. z o.o. to partner in Kraków Bosacka project

A site located right next to Kraków’s main railway station, with an area of roughly 1.4 ha, will host a two-stage investment project slated for 2015-2019, creating 21 000 m2 of modern space.

A building permit for the first stage is likely to be obtained in the third quarter of 2016. The construction process will kick off in 2017, with 2018 seeing the end of the first-phase works. The second phase will finish towards the end of 2019.

The investment’s first stage involves developing two A-class modern and elegant office buildings, along with an underground parking lot. The second stage entails construction of one office building and reconstruction of three historic buildings which are subject to heritage preservation – a printing house, a water tower and a locomotive depot. The total lease area in the office and retail sections will amount to ca. 21,000 m2.

The new buildings will blend into the existing style of downtown Kraków, without compromising the aesthetic value of the historic buildings located around. The investment will result in urban renewal of the area. Thanks to its location next to Kraków’s main railway station, it will become one of the city’s most appealing commercial space.

The project value is estimated at EUR 55m.