Centralna Park – Warsaw’s new project

An architectural concept has been developed for one of the capital’s most important and attractive sites

The investment is going to occupy 2 ha in downtown Warsaw, at the junction of Aleje Jerozolimskie and Aleja Jana Pawła II. New buildings are about to be constructed over railway tracks. According to land development plans, the property can host office buildings with retail units accessible directly from the outside. It is also possible to build a hotel.

The concept’s main element is a 200-meter skyscraper. The investment will be functionally connected to the Central Railway Station and WKD [suburban rail] station. Image title

“Central Park is likely to become one of the most interesting development projects run by PKP Group,” says Piotr Ciżkowicz, Management Board Member at PKP S.A. “It allows us to enhance the urban fabric in this part of Warsaw, at the same time favorably influencing the aesthetic value of the area. The project’s main advantage is its perfect location close to the Central Railway Station, an underground station and the capital’s main roads.”

Based on the architectural solutions prepared thus far, the complex will be a great relaxation spot. The concept includes numerous green areas and urban squares which can serve as outside lounges for travelers waiting for their trains. The center is going to boast a pedestrian promenade, while the buildings will have hanging and roof gardens.

The project’s estimated value is 350m EUR. The investment is at the planning stage now, with construction works likely to kick off in 2018. It will be combined with the renovation of the cross-city railway line. The concept has been developed by SUD Architekt Polska.