Beginning of West Station construction

The construction of the new office complex West Station and new Warszawa Zachodnia railway station has been launched. The buildings will be located directly by Aleje Jerozolimskie, enabling residents of districts such as City Centre, Ochota, Włochy, Mokotów or Włochy easy access to the station. Both projects are a result of the cooperation of Xcity Investment Sp. z o.o., PKP S.A. and an international developer group, HB Reavis.

West Station office complex includes two 13-storey buildings with a total leasable space of 67,000 sqm. For the convenience of future tenants, many amenities will be offered. The glass facade of the buildings will ensure a supply of daylight, thus providing excellent lighting for offices, making work more comfortable and reducing the consumption of energy. Computer-based building management systems (BMS) as well as ventilation and air conditioning with a central humidifier, and with temperature control in individual offices, will add to high technical standard of the complex. The complex will have round-the-clock security, a monitoring system, and access control. The building will also feature an electric car charging station. The ground floor of both buildings will be dedicated to shops and services. In addition, tenants and guests will have at their disposal a three-level underground car park with 130 public spaces sectioned off for the use of passengers of the Warszawa Zachodnia Railway Station and all Warsaw residents.

‘The convenient location of the West Station complex in the direct vicinity of the Warszawa Zachodnia Railway Station, close to a bus station and many stops, will guarantee our future tenants excellent connections not only with all districts of Warsaw, but also with other Polish cities’ says Stanislav Frnka, CEO of HB Reavis Poland.

West Station office complex was designed in compliance with the new regulation on energy standards for buildings, which will enter into force on 1 January 2017. The buildings will meet the strictest energy efficiency requirements and will be powered solely by renewable energy. HB Reavis aims to obtain an Excellent BREEAM rating for this investment.

The first stage of the development will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2016, and the second stage – in the first half of 2018. Companies of PKP Group, i.e. PKP S.A., PKP Informatyka, and PKP Intercity will be among the first tenants of the building.

New Warszawa Zachodnia railway station will be constructed from scratch. The station will serve all functions required for passenger service. Six ticket windows in the lobby will offer train and city transport tickets. In addition, ticket and ATM machines will be placed both at the station and in the tunnel. Passengers waiting for trains at any time will be able to take advantage of retail trade at the station.

Special amenities for disabled people will be provided in the building: tactile paving for the blind and visually impaired, ticket windows with a lowered counter, accessible toilets, and marked parking spaces in front of the station. The building will also feature lifts and escalators.

‘Thanks to the investment, passengers and residents of Warsaw will gain an additional station building, which will increase space available for passengers at the Warszawa Zachodnia Station,’ says Jarosław Bator, member of the Management Board of PKP S.A. ‘The new station will be ready within a year. This modern structure will constitute the first element of a transportation hub of the highest quality in this part of Warsaw,’ he adds.

Parking areas for passengers will also be provided. More than 30 kiss&ride parking spots will be available in front of the station building. Taxi ranks will operate on the premises as well.

An important part of the development is the regeneration of its surroundings. It will involve extending the existing bicycle path to connect the new Warszawa Zachodnia Railway Station building with the Centre of Warsaw, and rebuilding the intersection of Aleje Jerozolimskie and Grzymały Street.

The construction is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter 2015.

Both the railway station and the office complex were designed by the FS&P ARCUS sp. z o.o. architects. Mariusz Ścisło, the company's President, who also serves as President of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP), is personally overseeing the project.