Agreements for the implementation of development projects in Konin and Mińsk Mazowiecki

Railway station sites in Konin and Mińsk Mazowiecki will be developed in cooperation with Dekada Reality. The investment entails the construction of modern, functional and disabled-friendly railway stations, as well as accompanying retail premises to form mixed-use developments.

Construction works will be preceded by thorough preparations, including land planning and design layouts. The works are slated to start in 2016 and 2017 and will take roughly 12 months.

The value of the investment in Mińsk Mazowiecki is approx.. EUR 7.3m, whereas the Konin-based project is worth ca. EUR 9m. The GLA amounts to roughly 4,200 m2 (on a 1.03-hecatre site) and ca. 5,300 m2 (on a 1.2-hectare site), respectively.

Most construction projects are carried out in big cities. However, smaller towns also have the power to draw investors,” says Maciej K. Król, President of Xcity Investment. “We have appealing investment sites in these towns. Their potential have been untapped for years. Now, thanks to projects run in cooperation with developers, we can create entirely new spaces which will meet the needs and expectations of local communities and travelers alike,” he adds.

Dekada Realty constructs retail centers, usually opting for smaller towns as its investment destinations. It has already developed three convenience malls combined with bus stations. In total, it owns ten centers of this sort.